Let people use data for decision.

Organise data with meaningful accessibility.

What is
Dataful is the first data journalism initiative in Bangla. Dataful is an open data-based information hub about Bangladesh.

Dataful believes that every data, every number in the world intends to convey some meaning to us. The initiative aims to make peoples’ quest for information more meaningful (or dataful) by revealing the unseen from data.

Primarily we focus on two objectives:
(a) to publish data based stories on regular basis, and
(b) to present variety of Bangladeshi open data with Accessible-Right-Now (ARN) engine.

We believe that stories solely based on data possess three unique features:
(1) Such stories are not possible to tell only in words,
(2) Conventional storytelling formats fail to reveal information to a certain extent, and
(3) Such stories are free from bias.

As for ARN engine we have started with Bangladesh Population and Housing Census 2011- the official resource for socio-economic data of 142.319 million Bangladeshis- which is done once in every 10 years. Currently this data is accessible in two levels: divisions & districts. Data on pourasabha level will be included in ARN approach very soon.

We collaborate with government, non-government organisations, private companies, non-profits and research organisations in projects relating data-gathering, organise, analyse and visualise. We also develop infographics for aforementioned entities.

Are all the Census data available in public domain?
Yes, It is correct.

So why would you access it through ARN engine?
Although all these data are available in the public domain, they are not readily accessible. These data are scattered in numerous files in websites, you cannot search these data, you cannot compare the components.

We have curated, cleaned and gathered them in one place with ARN approach. So you can discover, research and explore them at a single place with a single click in visually appalling forms.

How is the ARN engine useful for you?
Are you a student/researcher, affiliated with a private company, an employee at a government or non-government organisation? Are you in need of data about Bangladesh? Then ARN engine of Dataful is the most convenient way of finding your desired data in a structured format.

This structured data will help you in understanding and researching the patterns and trends of different criteria with respect to population and places of Bangladesh. It will also help you in making decision about product distribution, policy making. Last but not the least, you can compare regions in various aspects with the ARN engine.

How is it funded?
Dataful was launched in January, 2017 through crowd funding.