Tying the knot: Men in Sylhet are late

Data source: SVRS 2016, 2017 / BBS

Men in Sylhet division are getting married at a higher age than six other divisions of Bangladesh, reveals the Sample Vital Registration System (SVRS) 2017.

Average age of marriage for men in Sylhet was 27 years in 2017 which is about six months lower than the previous year.

Two more divisions also saw increase in average age of marriage for men in 2017: Barishal & Khulna.

The average age has slightly decreased in three other divisions. Dhaka remained static in terms of average age of marriage for men.

Data source: SVRS 2016, 2017 / BBS

Changes have also been noticed among different religious groups.

Average age of marriage has increased by few months for men from the Hindu religious group.

The average has slightly decreased among men from the Muslim community.

The average age difference between men from these two religious group was three years in 2017.

The Sample Vital Registration System (SVRS) 2017 by the BBS was published in May, 2018

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