Dataful - launched in January, 2018 through crowd funding - is an open data-based information hub about Bangladesh. Dataful believes that every data, every number in the world intends to convey some meaning to us. The initiative aims to make peoples’ quest for information more meaningful (or dataful) by revealing the unseen from data. Primarily we focus on two objectives: (a) to present variety of Bangladeshi open data with Accessible-Right-Now (ARN) engine, and (b) to publish data based content.
Although all the data are available in the public domain, they are not readily accessible. These data are scattered in numerous files in websites, you cannot search these data, you cannot compare the components. We curate, clean and gather data from different sources in one place with ARN approach. So you can discover, research and explore them at a single place with a single click in visually appealing forms.

| Mission |

To let people use web application that provide inclusive and equitable data that can be used for decision making.

| Vision |

To organise data with meaningful easy accessibility.

What we do

Data Hub | We develop open data hubs on topics of public interest. Besides we build data hub for private entities too.

Training | We provide training on data journalism for journalists & journalism students.

Data Service | We offer data service to organisations who are in need of detailed sector-wise about Bangladesh.