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Total examinees in SSC
Examinees passed in SSC
Girl examinees in SSC
Boy examinees in SSC
Girl examinees passed in SSC
Boy examinees passed in SSC
Board-wise total examinees
Board-wise total pass
Board-wise pass rate
Examinees in science
Examinees in humanities
Examinees in business studies
Examinees passed in business studies
Examinees passed in humanities
Examinees passed in science
Girls passed in business studies
Girls passed in humanities
Girls passed in science
Boys passed in business studies
Boys passed in humanities
Boys passed in science
Percentage of Girl examinees in science
Percentage of Girl examinees in humanities
Percentage of Girl examinees in business studies
Percentage of Boys examinees in science
Percentage of Boys examinees in humanities
Percentage of Boys examinees in business studies
Board-wise girl examinees
Board-wise boy examinees
Board-wise girl pass rate
Board-wise boy pass rate

Open data are scattered in numerous files on websites on the internet. As a result the data are not readily accessible.

▶ You cannot search these data, cannot compare the components, cannot analyse them instantly.

▶ Dataful is curating, cleaning and gathering hundreds of open time series data in one place with Accessible-Right-Now approach.

▶ Dataful enables you to discover, research and explore data with a single click in a calm visual form.

Data without Dataful


In most cases data is in pdf format that are scattered in files on websites.

Non interactive​

Interactive time series data, basic data analysis is not available online.


On demand data extraction scope for users is almost missing.

Data with Dataful


Curated, cleaned, formatted data accessible at one place.


Data available in interactive format with analysis.


On demand data available for export in desired format.

▶ Are you a student/researcher, affiliated with a private company, an employee at a government or non-government organisation?

▶ Are you in need of data about Bangladesh?

▶ Then Dataful is the most convenient place for finding your desired data in a structured format.

▶ Join Dataful, explore thousands of time-series data with facts and notes.

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